Rium Pro

Our scintillation radiometer

The RiumPro sensor is an ionizing radiation dosimeter and spectrometer. The sensor is calibrated to calculate the ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10).

It is designed for use with the Rium mobile app, available on GooglePlay, App Store, and the RiumApp web platform.

It is ideal for spectrometry in nuclear medicine settings. It is also well-suited to low-dose-rate measurement scenarios such as environmental monitoring.

Additional advanced measurement features can be activated on demand via the app.


Radiamètre portable

A dosimetry monitoring system with unique benefits

Our dosimetry monitoring system offers several advantages:

Rium radiamètre

Specifications & performance

  • Detector technology …….. CsI(Tl) scintillator
  • Types of radiation detected …….. Gamma, X-ray
  • H*(10) dose rate range …….. 0,05 – 100 μSv/h
  • Sensitive to 662keV (137Cs) …….. 54 cps/µSv/h
  • Energy range (spectrometry) …….. 40 keV – 2MeV
  • Energy range (dose rate measurement) …….. 30 keV – 18MeV

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