A radiation detector for the general public

The Rium radiation detector is the most sensitive consumer dosimeter on the market.
At Icohup, we are committed to developing accurate, effective radiation sensors that anyone can use to measure the radiation in their environment. Measurement data can also be shared and contributed to radioactivity maps. This is known as “citizen science.”

radiametre à scintillation

A high-performance radiation dosimeter for all

Unlike conventional Geiger-counter-type radiation detectors, which only tell you how much radiation is present in your environment, Rium can tell you what kind of radiation is being detected. Plus, Rium is far more sensitive than these traditional detectors.

Our compact, affordable Rium detector can tell you if radiation is naturally-occurring or if uranium is the source, for example.

Start-up France

Rium is a two-in-one dosimeter and spectrometer that measures gamma and X-ray radiation and indicates the source of the radiation. The data is sent to an app you install on your smartphone, where it is displayed in a straightforward and educational manner. And, if you choose, you can share your measurements with the OpenRadiation community.

Like all Icohup products, the innovative, powerful Rium detector is designed, manufactured, and assembled in France.

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