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High-tech radiation detection by France-based startup Icohup

Radiation protection, or radioprotection, solutions have one purpose: to keep people and the environment safe from the damaging effects of ionizing radiation. This means measuring radiation present in the environment, training staff, establishing procedures for raising the alert when necessary, and providing physical protection.

But let’s get back to the first step, measurement. Rium by Icohup is a sensor-plus-software solution that measures radiation and transmits measurement data so that radiological events can be detected, and exposure reduced.

Icohup’s totally innovative solutions do more than measure: They monitor risk in real time. Dosimeter data can be accessed on our web platform 24/7 from anywhere. This makes monitoring multiple facilities and locations easier and more efficient than ever.

Start-up France

Our mission:

Control risk to reduce exposure for better protection of workers and the environment.

Our patented sensors come in two models, mobile and stationary. Not only do they measure the radiation dose rate, but they also produce spectrometric information. Gamma, or γ, spectrometry can effectively determine what type of radiation is present and, unlike dosimeters calibrated using a single radioactive element, γ spectrometry can measure the actual dose flow. Icohup sensors constantly calculate the amount of energy detected for a reliable, accurate measurement, regardless of the source of the radiation.

More than radiation measurement: augmented dosimetry

Our products address the medical, nuclear, and defense and security industries as well as scientific research and industrial R&D.

Each type of stakeholder in ionizing radiation risk management has unique concerns.

Rium sensors

Icohup’s innovative Rium sensors were developed specifically to respond to occupational radiation protection and risk management standards and regulations:

  • Real time: For the most effective possible protection of exposed workers.
  • High performance: Measure dose flow and complete a spectrometric analysis simultaneously.
  • Ultra connected: WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G connectivity using the web-based data visualization platform.
  • Competitively priced: Drastically reduces the number of dosimeters required.

How Icohup took a breakthrough innovation in radiation monitoring from lab to market

Our people

A well-rounded team of founders

CEO start up

PhD in Physics, research on memory effect on scintillators for medical imaging​.

Research conducted in conjunction with medical imaging detector leader Trixell (2012 to 2015)​.

Physics intern at French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), one of the world’s most innovative government-funded research organizations.

CEO start-up

PhD candidate in cybersecurity.​

PhD dissertation on developing trusted solutions for IoT​.

Dual Masters degree in cybersecurity (3iL engineering school), top of class (2017).​

Intern, French Ministry of the Armed Forces (2017).

A multidisciplinary team

“Our web and mobile apps are updated daily to make sure we are always meeting our customers’ risk management needs.”

“We design, test, program, and assemble our sensors to deliver sensitivity and effectiveness unrivaled on the market today.”

“If you are wondering if our products are right for you, we’d love to give you a demo and answer any questions you may have. Contact us! 

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