Powerful, effective operational radiation dosimetry

The RiumOp operational radiation dosimeter is designed for workers exposed to ionizing radiation.

The sensor is calibrated to calculate the ambient dose equivalent rate Hp(10).

The RiumOp operational radiation dosimeter has a built-in display and produces visible and audible alerts. It communicates directly via the local WiFi network to provide real-time ambient dose monitoring. Reader terminals are not required: Measurement data is captured by the sensors, transmitted wirelessly, and processed. Monitoring indicators are calculated and displayed on the online RiumApp.

And for more robust radiation risk management than ever before, RiumOp is the only operational dosimeter able to provide gamma spectrometry data and measurement data at the same time. This data is crucial to understanding worker exposure so that the appropriate training and prevention initiatives can be rolled out.

dosimètre opérationnel

An innovative operational dosimetry system with unique advantages

Next-generation active radiation dosimetry

Réglementation dosimètre

What the latest radiation protection regulations say

The EU Euratom Directive, which establishes the standard of protection against ionizing radiation in the workplace, came with a national transposition deadline of 2018 and included the following guidance for legislation concerning radiation protection consultants and employers:

  • The radiation protection consultant provides recommendations on the design, modification, and layout of workspaces and safety equipment and systems intended to prevent ionizing-radiation-related risks.
  • The consultant also provides support with developing and implementing the appropriate ways and means of prevention, and, especially, determining maximum doses and the physical areas for which doses will be measured; and developing and implementing individual exposure monitoring systems and procedures for workers in conjunction with the occupational physician.
  • Employers are required to implement appropriate preventive measures to minimize or eliminate ionizing-radiation-related risks to workers. These measures must take into account technical advances and the availability of techniques to control radiation risk at the source.

Learn more about the current regulations.


RiumOp performances

Specifications & performance

Technical specifications:

  • Detector technology …….. Scintillation
  • Types of raditation detected …….. Gamma, X-ray, beta
  • Hp(10) dose rate change …….. 0,05 µSv/h – 10 mSv/h
  • Energy range …….. 15 keV – 18 MeV

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