Portable Geiger-Müller radiometer

The RiumStick connects to your phone via USB or Bluetooth. This easy-to-use device measures the amount of radiation around you.With an energy-compensated Geiger-Muller tube at its core, RiumStick detects both gamma and X-ray radiation.

The sensor is calibrated to calculate the ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10).

RiumStick connects to your phone, tablet, or computer via the RiumApp mobile app, available on GooglePlay, App Store, Windows Store, and the RiumApp web platform.

Additional advanced measurement features can be activated on demand via the app.

Radiamètre Geiger-Müller
Application radiamètre

A mobile dosimetry monitoring system with unique benefits

A Geiger-Müller radiation meter that fits in your pocket. Designed for use with our mobile app, RiumStick is simple and user-friendly:

  • Takes measurements and records with comment
  • Data continuously saved and backed up to the mobile app
  • Compares multiple measurements
  • Measurement geolocation
  • Performance and sensitivity unrivaled on today’s market
  • Compact enough to follow you anywhere
Plateforme RiumStick

Specifications & performance

  • Detector technology …….. Energy-compensated Geiger-Müller
  • Types of radiation detected …….. Gamma, X-ray
  • H*(10) dose rate range – 1k …….. 50 nSv/h – 1 Sv/h
  • H*(10) dose rate range – 10k …….. 1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h
  • Dose sensitivity …….. < 0.1 µSv

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