Mobile app

A simple, powerful mobile app

Our radiation dosimetry solution combines two technologies – patented mobile or fixed sensors and a web and mobile app – to deliver real-time risk monitoring.

Our scintillation radiometers and Geiger-Müller radiometers provide real-time data through our RiumApp mobile app.

Application radiamètre
Logiciel radioprotection temps réel
Logiciel radioprotection moyenne
Logiciel radioprotection historique
Logiciel radioprotection cartographie
Logiciel radioprotection spectrométrie

Mobile app features

Measurement data can be shared via the supervision platform.

Our connected radiometers are designed to be used in conjunction with a computer, tablet, or phone. We offer a very complete Android/iOS/Windows app that delivers:

  • Real-time measurement

  • Averages

  • Logs

  • Geolocation data

  • Spectrometry


Our connected radiation detectors

Learn more about our line of radiation sensors compatible with our RiumApp mobile app:

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