Next-generation ambient dosimetry

RiumBox is a fixed ionizing radiation measurement device for ambient dosimetry.

The sensor is calibrated to calculate the ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10).

This fixed dosimeter plugs into a 220 V power supply and transmits data by WiFi, 4G (optional IP67 watertight and dust-resistant), or Ethernet. Real-time ambient radiation dose monitoring is provided on the RiumWeb web platform.

The ambient dosimetry system is an effective alternative to passive dosimeters and fixed dosimeters. It allows area-by-area rather than individual monitoring.


dosimètre ambiance

An ambient dosimetry monitoring system with unique benefits

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Réglementation dosimètre

What the latest radiation protection regulations say

The EU Euratom Directive, which establishes the standard of protection against ionizing radiation in the workplace, came with a national transposition deadline of 2018 and included the following guidance for legislation concerning radiation protection consultants and employers:

  • The radiation protection consultant provides recommendations on the design, modification, and layout of workspaces and safety equipment and systems intended to prevent ionizing-radiation-related risks.
  • The consultant also provides support with developing and implementing the appropriate ways and means of prevention, and, especially, determining maximum doses and the physical areas for which doses will be measured; and developing and implementing individual exposure monitoring systems and procedures for workers in conjunction with the occupational physician.
  • Employers are required to implement appropriate preventive measures to minimize or eliminate ionizing-radiation-related risks to workers. These measures must take into account technical advances and the availability of techniques to control radiation risk at the source.

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RiumBox performances uniques

Specifications & performance

Technical specifications:

  • Detector technology …….. Energy-compensated Geiger-Müller
  • Types of radiation detected …….. Gamma, X-ray
  • H*(10) dose rate range – 1k …….. 50 nSv/h – 1 Sv/h
  • H*(10) dose rate range – 10k …….. 1 µSv/h – 10 Sv/h
  • Dose sensitivity…….. <0.1 µSv

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