sécurité des données dosimétrie

Radiation dosimetry and data security: what you should know


When it comes to radioprotection, Icohup offers a completely innovative solution built on high-performance sensors that transmit measurement data in real time to a web-based platform where the information is analyzed and stored—a process that consists of several steps, each with its own security requirements. Read on to learn how Icohup ensures end-to-end data security.

A team of cybersecurity professionals

The RiumApp web-based platform is the user interface. Whether you are managing one site or multiple sites, RiumApp is where you monitor all of your dosimeters. It facilitates the management of radiation-related risks and allows you to respond immediately to any alerts.

At Icohup, we know that you take the security of your data seriously, and so do we. We understand the particularly stringent data security requirements of the nuclear, industrial, healthcare, and defense and security sectors. Our Chief Software Officer Louis Moreau is an expert in cybersecurity. In fact, he is currently doing his PhD dissertation on the topic! And Louis and his team are working behind the scenes every day to ensure that your data is protected during transmission between the sensors and RiumApp and when it is stored on our servers:

  • Our solution is hosted by PCI-DSS certified and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant hosting company OVH on a server in Strasbourg, France. Ask us about installing our solution on your servers (an additional fee will apply).
  • Data is backed up daily on two redundant servers.
  • Sensor data is encrypted for confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and PFS.

What happens to your radiation dosimetry data?

The data collected by the sensors installed on your premises belong to you and you alone. You can request a copy of your data at any time.

You also benefit from data portability for up to 90 days after your contract ends. Within this time period Icohup will export the raw data from your Rium solution free of charge for a given use case.

Contact us to learn more about our cybersecurity methods.